The Best Words To Use To Increase Donations Online

Best words to use to increase donations online

You’ve heard it before: your donors want to know how their money is being used. They want to see tangible results from their contributions, and they want to feel like the money they give makes a difference. This is why fundraising campaigns that use clear messaging, emotional appeals and personal stories resonate with donors so…

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What Makes People Donate To Non-Profits Online?

What makes people donate to non-profits online?

When it comes to donating to non-profit organizations, people can be very generous. In fact, online donations account for a large percentage of donations made to nonprofit organizations. So, what makes people donate to non-profits online? To answer this question, we take a look at some of the factors that contribute to people’s decisions to…

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Online Mistakes That Kill Donations To Your Non-Profit

Online mistakes that kill donations to your non-profit

Your online presence is how the majority of potential donors find out about your cause and decide whether or not to support you. From your website to your social media pages, therefore, it’s critical that you’re keeping up with best practices. Unfortunately, many non-profits make common mistakes online that can discourage potential donors from giving…

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