Dogpaw Studio's First Special Team Meeting: A Donut Party!

Embracing Diversity: Dogpaw Studio’s Special Team Meetings

We are ecstatic to share with you the innovative and all-encompassing strategy we recently adopted for our Special Team Meeting. In an effort to accommodate time zone variations and celebrate our diversity, we elevated our weekly team check-ins and organized two special events that brought our small group together - Team DPS's Donut Party and Team DPS's Pizza Party - which were held through Zoom.

As a globally distributed team, we understand the challenges of coordinating meetings across various time zones. Finding an appropriate time that works for everyone's schedules and consistently promotes pleasure at work might be challenging. To overcome this hurdle, we decided to take a fresh and innovative approach that would foster collaboration, harmony, and fun all at the same time and make everyone feel included, no matter where they were in the world.

Team DPS's Donut Party: Making the Morning Sweet

A delicious donut and a steaming cup of coffee, what better way to start the day? While enjoying their delicious goodies, the Team had fruitful conversations, generated ideas, and shared updates on their individual projects last June 06, 2023.

Team DPS's Pizza Party: Savoring the Evening with a Snack

Subsequently, the Team initiated another fun meeting on July 25, 2023 with everyone's favorite snack - Pizza! They talked about their own ideas and shared insightful conversations over delectable pizzas and the companionship of their coworkers.


Embracing Cultural Diversity

Our Special Team Meeting served as a platform to highlight our unique cultural diversity in addition to bridging the time zone gap. We encouraged team members to talk about fascinating traditions, practices, or facts from their own countries. Cultural perspectives were shared in order to improve our sense of oneness and foster mutual respect, which brought out the best in our international workforce.

At Dogpaw Studio, we fully believe these cutting-edge strategies may boost productivity, encourage creativity, and create a strong feeling of connection among our team members. We appreciate everyone's hard work and excitement toward achieving the agency's goals.

Let's continue to value our individual talents, viewpoints, and cultures as we collaborate to surpass more significant milestones as a strong team.

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