Your customers can only find you if your small business name, address and phone number are up-to-date when they Google you. This is otherwise known as NAP (name, address, phone). If your potential customers Google and find the wrong phone number, how do you expect them to call you?

The vast expanse of the internet can have numerous listings of your business…especially if you’ve been around for a while. Maybe you have moved your office a few times since you first opened. Maybe you moved to a more spacious office suite in the same building that has a new suite number. Plus sometimes your business gets listed somewhere online without your input…and they get your NAP wrong! Really, this happens.

We get your listings correct in over 100 listings!

More importantly, what if I told you that local Google search rankings are largely based on whether your NAP is consistent across the internet. That means that if your business is listed on any websites with different phone numbers or addresses (because you’ve moved) Google begins to think that your business may not be as “legit” as your competitors. Can you blame anyone for not trusting you if you can’t even keep your address or business name updated?

Your online business info comes from countless sources and it’s really hard to control it all. But we can track down your sources and make sure your business info is correct.

If your search rankings are not as high as you’d like, maybe your business listings are messed up on the internet. Maybe you’re worried that potential customers are calling an old phone number and moving on to your competitor. But you ask, “How the heck can I find all my listings and update my NAP myself?”

Dogpaw Studio is here to help. We have advanced online tools to track down your major business listings and keep your NAP consistent across the internet. We can also lock down those listings so no one else can log in and change your NAP. You as the business owner will be the ultimate source of your business contact info. This will make it far easier for your customers to contact you and make sales. This will also help your search rankings.

Once we clean up your NAP we’ll help you stay updated. If you ever decide to move locations, update your holiday hours, or offer new services we can push that info out to all your listings in Real Time. We give you centralized control of your online business presence once and for all.

Duplicate Listings can hurt your SEO

Another big problem is that over time your business could get listed multiple times on the same website or directory. Even having multiple listings with variations of your business name or address is detrimental to local SEO. We find your duplicate listings and get rid of them. Google really hates seeing duplicate listings for your business.

Google pays attention to your reviews

Google also places a lot of importance on your reviews when determining local search rankings. We also monitor your reviews. We can even help you get more reviews if you’d like.

Bottomline how to improve your local SEO

  • Get your business contact info out to the many listings on the internet.
  • Make sure all of those listings are correct.
  • Get rid of duplicate listings.
  • Monitor your reviews.
  • Lock down your listings so others can’t change your info.

Dogpaw can handle all of this for you

We currently have three Local SEO Plans to accommodate your local business needs starting at $99/mo.

See our plans HERE.