’s website & password compromised

It happens to the best of us, I guess. Late Wednesday, the cable company Comcast had their website redirected to a page created by hackers. Members of the the hacker group Kryogeniks were apparently really proud of blocking Comcast customers from using their web-based email service, potentially affecting up to 14 million customers.

The hackers somehow obtained the username and password for Comcast’s domain name registration account with NetworkSolutions. They logged into Comcast’s account and updated the settings to redirect their home page.

According to sources at NetworkSolutions, Comcast’s account was not hacked nor compromised. Currently, it’s unclear as to how they acquired the username and password.

I’m taking away a valuable lesson from this unfortunate incident: Guard my usernames and passwords with my life. I’ll continue to use my encrypted password manager software, 1Password. Another effective option is to periodically change passwords associated with sensitive accounts.