Google and Yahoo will search Adobe Flash files

Adobe has been working with Google and Yahoo to allow both search engines to search inside and index dynamic content and links in Flash file format (SWF). This is extremely exciting news for web designers! They are providing the Adobe Flash Player technology to these major search engines to allow them to “see” inside Flash animations, which was previously impossible on rich content websites.

In my humble opinion, search engine optimization (SEO) concerns have limited rich content websites to a large extent. I’ve had to tell many clients that SEO and rich content such as Flash animation on websites don’t play nice. It used to be an “either/or” situation, but our clients’ websites can now benefit from rich content alongside SEO measures.

Google and Yahoo are already cruising the web with this Adobe Flash Player technology, so benefits will be immediate. Web developers will not have to lift a finger, because all past and future SWFs will be searchable without revisions to live sites. Your recently launched site full of rich Flash animations may already be indexed for dynamic text and links.