Transform your Marketing Rankings within the Law Industry with Search Engine Optimization

Need more clients coming through the door?

Having your own law practice is no easy task and we recognize all your hard work. But just like how lawyers have interns to help with research on cases, you need someone knowledgeable to handle your marketing.  You have more important things to focus on but you need more clients coming in the door. 

You need the right law firm SEO expert to bring your rankings up to #1. This will boost you over your competition and we know how to handle legal SEO the right way. Because who doesn’t want to be on top?

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Get the top 5 SEO tips you need to boost your web rankings and bring in more traffic.

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SEO Is Complicated!

SEO can be confusing for most and many don’t want to hire a company to handle their legal SEO. So they have someone on their team who is a little tech-savvy do what they can. This usually means installing a plugin or two and following them to do some on-page SEO adjustments. While this does help, this is not what is going to get you into that #1 ranking spot.

For that, you need an SEO marketing company whose specialty is attorney SEO. We have studied long and hard to know exactly what we need to do to make your website shine to Google and give the verdict in your favor to bring you to the top. We take handling law firm SEO seriously. And we can handle both large and small law firm SEO so no company is too large or too small to start ranking.

When Knowledge Meets Skill

We are a local marketing company and we understand local SEO for law firms and we specialize in law firm SEO services. Most people want a local lawyer when they find themselves needing legal help. We get that so we want to make sure you are found in your local search area. 

With 20 years of experience, our team of specialists works with you to create the most effective SEO campaign for your law firm. We have studied long and hard to keep up with the ever-changing factors that Google is looking for to make your SEO campaign as powerful as it can be. We work hard to make sure you rise above your competition so that you keep a steady stream of clients calling and walking through your door.

Happy Clients

“I have seen a significant increase in new client inquiries and have expanded from 1 to 3 offices.”

- Jonathan, attorney

We Will Keep This Brief, We Promise.

A good lawyer is both ethical and upfront. A good marketing company is the same. We keep our customers in the loop on exactly what we are doing and what they can expect.

keyword research

Keyword Research

We do our research on your industry so that we know exactly how people are searching in your area. We want to make sure you are using the right keywords to get you ranking higher.

local seo

Local SEO

Most people search for lawyers in their local area but a lot of companies don’t think to use local SEO for lawyers and use a broader SEO. We focus in and make sure you are getting found and ranking high when clients do that local search.

on page seo

On-Page SEO

Yes there are plugins that will help with on-page SEO but they don’t hit everything. An experienced team like ours knows what Google is looking for and makes sure your website is 100% SEO ready.

off-page seo

Off-Page SEO

There are way more steps to SEO than just what can be done on your website. We know all the little tips and tricks like good backlinks and optimizing your Google My Business listings. This all gets the right attention from Google and moves you up the search engine results list.

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Competitive Analysis

The law industry has some fierce competition and we make sure we know who your top competition is. We study them and analyze what they are doing to be so successful. Then we use that information to build you the best SEO campaign for your firm.

targeted messaging

Targeted Messaging and Website Content

You have to target the right audience if you are going to get more clients. We provide targeted messaging so that your marketing goes to the right people and isn’t wasting time and money. We make sure your website content is where it should be to help get the phones ringing and new cases coming in.


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