More about Dogpaw Studio

We’re Very Green

Dogpaw is an environmentally responsible business, from the recycling we do to the energy we use. We keep paper usage to a minimum and recycle all of the paper that we do use. We deliver and archive accounting documents, invoices and design proofs electronically whenever possible.

Our office uses electricity from sustainable energy sources. Specifically, 50% of our electricity comes from wind power, 25% comes from solar power and 25% comes from low-impact hydropower.

We Help Our Community

Chijo and his wife, Jenny, ardently support other local, sustainable small businesses that protect our natural resources and improve our community. We believe in maintaining a socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle, buying locally whenever possible and prioritizing organic food in our diets.

We Support Non-profit Efforts

Though we believe in the work of many non-profits, Chijo favors one in particular as a volunteer photographer for Friends of Trees since 1997.