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If you provide services and products directly to customers at your place of business, you are a "local business." Therapists, law firms, restaurants and day care centers are all examples of local businesses. We help local businesses grow with local search marketing.

Read on to find out how we can grow your local business.

Get in the Google Local Pack

First, you must get your business listed in Google's local search results also known as the Local Pack.

Ever do a Google search for a local business and the top results show a map with three business listings showing their Google review stars, location, phone number, business hours, website link and directions?

This is the Local Pack and it appears above the rest of the organic search results. It shows ahead of the #1 ranked website!

Bottomline: Getting your local business listed in the Local Pack could get you more customers.

Case Study: We helped grow a law firm from one to three locations across Oregon with our local search marketing.

Mishkin Local Pack screenshot

Our client (The Law Office of Jonathan D. MIshkin, P.C.) shows up as the #1 Local Pack business for the keyword "Portland tax attorney."

3 tasks to improving your Local SEO

Task #1 – Claim your Google My Business page

Google provides a Google My Business (GMB) page that every business should claim and populate with correct business name, address, phone, business hours, photos, etc.

Not only does GMB visually stand out on the search results page but provides far more useful info and links for your customers to click on.

The easier it is for people to find and get useful info about your business the more likely they will become your customers.

We will help you claim your GMB page for each location your business has. Our law firm client for Jonathan Mishkin has three locations so we maintain three Google My Business pages for them.

Have us claim and optimize your GMB page today for $450 per business location.

Local Ranking Power – GMB: 25%

A whopping 25% of your local search ranking is determined by the information on your GMB page per one study.


Mishkin Law Google My Business

Google My Business for our client's Portland location complete with reviews, address, business hours, phone, website link, photos and directions. We also manage separate GMB pages for their West Linn and Bend offices.

Task #2 – Monitor your online reviews

Your potential customers are reading online reviews prior to making buying decisions. You should be interacting with your customers by thanking them for positive reviews and responding in a timely manner to negative reviews.

Regular reviews and your replies all show that you are friendly, helpful and attentive to your customers' needs. How you deal with the negative reviews is critical in showing the public whether you own up to your mistakes and how you remedy issues when they come up.

At the end of the day, your customers must see a business run by responsible owners who clearly care about customer service. This trust will gain you a regular stream of new customers.

Local Ranking Power – Reviews: 15%

Over 15% of your local ranking power comes from your Review Signals.

Mishkin Law Reviews

We monitor our clients' reviews and help them post replies to their customers showing that our client is helpful, friendly and attentive to their clients' needs.

Task #3 – Manage your business listings

Your customers can only find you if your business info is correct...Everywhere. Your business "Citations" must also be up-to-date to avoid people finding old phone numbers or business hours scattered across the internet.

Google agrees and is more likely to show your business listing in search results if your business info like name, address and phone (NAP) is correct and consistent in all Citations across the internet. Who is going to trust a business that can't get their own info correct?

We use patented online technologies to keep your Citations correct across more than 100 digital services and directories and lock them down so others can't change your info.

What if you move your office or change your business hours? We've got you covered and can push out new info in real time. So whether your potential customers are searching Google, Yelp or even asking Alexa, they will find you.

Local Ranking Power – Citations/NAP: 10%

Over 10% of your local ranking power comes from your Citation Signals.


We monitor your Citations across more than 100 listings across the internet to ensure that your customers will be able to find you.

Local SEO Plan

Our Local SEO services include the 3 critical steps to help you get more exposure in Google's Local Pack and more importantly more customers to grow your business.

  1. Claim & Optimize your Google My Business page
  2. Manage your online reviews
  3. Keep your business Citations correct and current

Ready to sign up for a Local SEO Plan?

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