Golden Bond Rescue Website Case Study



Originally one of our long-time clients was dealing with a website that was disorganized and less than visually appealing to site visitors. The site was dull and didn’t do much to engage the site visitor. Dogpaw Studio worked with them to create a website that was successfully designed and developed to assess their needs. As technology improved over time, the client reached out to Dogpaw for a website refresh that would allow the site to accommodate mobile users. 


Serving this client for nearly 10 years, Dogpaw Studio was able to talk with the client to get the exact details of what kind of update and redesign they were looking for for the site. Our team of website developers at Dogpaw Studio also provided helpful advice to the client on how to make their dog rescue brand and business more engaging and visible to internet searchers via SEO optimization. Dogpaw Studio also worked with the client to find an innovative way to increase fundraising capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The efforts by our team at Dogpaw Studio helped the client have a greater presence on the Internet after their site was redesigned and optimized for mobile users. The client received many messages of congratulations after the site went live, and expressed their gratitude for having a site that allows them to serve mobile users, as well as provide more tools and services like shipping, virtual events, etc. 


Our team was also able to create virtual silent auction pages for the client’s Golden Vintage Dinner event, which was usually a large in-person fundraiser that the client relied on to bring in funds for the business. The client was proud to report that raised funds matched what would typically be raised at the in-person auction event. 


Thanks to Dogpaw Studio’s efforts and improvements to the site’s virtual and online presence, the client was able to increase the brand’s online following.


A Happy Client


Our website was dull, disorganized, and not a joy to visit. Dogpaw Studio assessed our needs, developed and redesigned our website, taught us how to make ourselves visible, and honed our fundraising abilities. With Dogpaw Studio's help for the past 10 years, we were able to resolve many stressful issues and gain the tools that have greatly increased our website followers.

Jill Groves
Executive Director of Goldenbond Rescue

Give To Dogs In Need

We made it easy for potential donors to help dogs in need.

Golden bond rescue website case study

Dogs for Adoption

We built an attractive, custom profile widget for the dogs up for adoption.

Dogs up for adoption

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