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As an SEO agency in Portland, OR we increase your website traffic to grow your business with more leads, customers, and revenue.

Chijo goes the extra mile to help non-profits maximize their effectiveness by helping you understand the ‘why,’ and the ‘how’ of a user-focused build. We are so thankful for his expertise. He's such a pro at what he does.
Mo Montgomery
Mo Montgomery
Working with Chijo has been supremely helpful. He gave concrete, specific, and actionable feedback that I didn't even realize I needed on my site. My recommendation to non-profits is this: sign up for that 30-minute exploration call and let him walk you through your website from his perspective. His framework for having a strong site with consistent and powerful messaging is exactly what you need for increasing foot traffic that leads to increased donations.
Raiza Lisboa
Raiza Lisboa
My experience with Dogpaw Studio has been nothing short of spectacular. Chijo is so easy to work with, knowledgeable, and has the deeper understanding and strategy I was looking for in a web developer to rebuild my nonprofits website. Website builds and revamps can feel overwhelming. Chijo has made the process easy, attainable, and pleasant. 10/10 recommend working with Dogpaw for all your website, content, and branding needs!
Tarra McCarthy
Tarra McCarthy
Chijo makes the process of updating our messaging and website layout seem so easy and doable. He takes us through the process step-by-step, answering our questions, and sharing examples from other organizations he's worked with. This is a great company to work with!
Noelle Andreano
Noelle Andreano
I can’t say enough good things about Chijo and Dogpaw Studio and I just met him today. Our 15 minute information call turned into a much longer conversation where Chijo explained Dogpaw’s strategy, why it made sense for our nonprofit specifically, and put up with my constant interruptions (out of excitement because everything he was saying sounded so perfect for us) gracefully and with good humor. Not only that, Chijo also provided several valuable tips on how to fix two major issues on our site despite the fact that we have not committed to working with Dogpaw yet. I look forward to a (hopefully) long and productive partnership—I feel like I can learn so much from Dogpaw, which makes this an investment both in myself and the company I work for: double the value!
Taryn Hermansen
Taryn Hermansen
Team has been a breeze to work with. Professional and communicates well. Highly recommend them for your website needs!
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen
Chijo is a visionary in the marketing field. While we are hearing that images and videos are going to be "everything" in marketing, he's helping his clients reimagine the use of the written word. By creating storylines on the web about our business/organizations, he is guiding us and our clients to rediscover our relationships and redefine our missions. You won't regret jumping on board with Dogpaw Studios to explore your new story!
Elisa Joy Payne
Elisa Joy Payne

Free website design consultation for Nonprofits and Charities

SEO will bring you more revenue

You have a business and want more customers. But just having a website isn’t enough. Our SEO agency will help you increase your website traffic so you can get more leads and sales.

SEO Portland

But I can do SEO myself with a free SEO plugin!

Many people figure they can do SEO themselves. They just install a free plugin that tells them what to change on the page. However, a professional starts with quality keyword research to grow your website traffic.

SEO Services for your Small Businesses

We like being upfront about things and our services are no different. Here is our process for getting your website higher rankings.

Keyword Research

We will do our due diligence and research what keywords are ranking highest for your industry. Then we will use those target keywords to bring your website to the top.

Local SEO

Everyone has seen those three local businesses pull up in the map packs when they do a search. Our local SEO will help you make it to the map pack and will hyper-focus on your local area marketing.

On-Page SEO

Sometimes your website will need tweaking to make sure it fits all of Google guidelines for SEO. We go in and make all the changes to the content to make sure your website will get an A+ from Google.

Off-Page SEO

There are way more steps to SEO than just what can be done on your website. We know all the little tips and tricks like optimizing your Google My Business listings. This all gets the right attention from Google and moves you up the search engine results list.

Competitive Analysis

The best way to make sure your website is getting the attention it deserves is to see what your competition is doing. We research the top companies in your area and industry to see what they are doing that is working.

Targeted Content

Everyone has a target audience. We work with you to determine what your target demographic is and then create marketing messages designed to attract their attention.

Grow your small business with SEO

We start with a quick get-to-know-you call where we can hear you out...understand your goals and wishes.

If your business and project are a good match, we will then schedule a strategy call where we will provide you with a concrete roadmap for success.