Mary Rose Foundation Website Case Study



Before coming to us, the Mary Rose Foundation suffered from a website that didn’t serve the nonprofit organization. The client’s existing site wasn’t designed or optimized with a nonprofit in mind. The site had a bare bones way of connecting with existing and potential donors, and the site as a whole did not do enough to distinguish the Mary Rose Foundation from other nonprofits. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the nonprofit needed a way to utilize their site for virtual fundraising.


Dogpaw Studio remained in active communication with the client in order to better understand what specific needs the Mary Rose Foundation was looking for with their new website design. Through our conversations, our team was able to get a clear picture of what the nonprofit organization was looking for for their website. This allowed our team of website developers and designers to create an engaging site with virtual fundraising and easy donation capabilities.


The time spent with the client greatly helped our team at Dogpaw Studio succeed in creating a website for the Mary Rose Foundation designed around their nonprofit operations. The team at the Mary Rose Foundation expressed gratitude with how the new website turned out and its various elements of functionality. Through the team effort by members at Dogpaw Studio, the client now has a functional website tailored to the nonprofit organization, which increased capabilities for fundraising efforts such as virtual donations.

A Happy Client

We weren’t connecting with our donors because our website was not specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. We felt supported and heard when Dogpaw took the time to understand our needs to design a website that we love. Our website is beautiful, functional, efficient, and we are pleased with the continued support we have received from Dogpaw.

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MaryRoseFoundation_Logo-300 (1)

Julie Allen
CEO of Mary Rose NW Boutique;
Founder of Mary Rose Foundation;
Author & Eating Disorder Awareness Activist

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