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 Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon

Golden Bond Rescue of Oregon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization for Golden Retrievers in Portland, Oregon. Dogpaw migrated their existing Joomla website to WordPress while developing it to leverage an easy-to-use database of approximately 800 dogs’ adoptable status, photos, and physical attributes. Dogpaw also built their website with an e-commerce payment system for products and merchandise.

  • WordPress design and development
  • Database development and implementation
  • E-Commerce system implementation

After the volunteer who had designed and was maintaining our website left, we realized how out-of-date the content was. A Board member suggested contacting Dogpaw, and Chijo walked us through the redesign step by step. Before we knew it, we had the website we had always wanted.

Jill Groves
Golden Bond Rescue

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