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Increase presence on search engines to grow your business with more leads, customers and donors.

SEO will bring you more revenue

You have a business in Carlsbad, CA and like any other business owner, you want more customers. But just having a website isn’t enough. You need people to see that website, get interested, and make that final purchasing decision.
But your website traffic’s less than desirable. So how do you fix that?

Simple. You hire the right SEO company that gives you the right services. And by that we mean us. With the right plan, you can increase your traffic to your website which means you get more sales. Everyone wants to be the top dog of their industry and we know the secrets to get you there.

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Get the Top Five SEO Tips for Nonprofit Organizations You Need to Boost Your Web Rankings and Bring in More Traffic

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But I can do SEO myself with a free SEO plugin!

Most people figure they can do SEO themselves. They just install a plugin that tells them what to change on the page and viola...SEO. While that does help, a professional knows there is much more to it than that. There are things to do on the site itself and offsite to make your website attractive to Google. Things like keyword research, backlinks, etc. A good local SEO expert knows there are more elements to an effective SEO plan than what a simple plugin can get you.

Everyone thinks SEO is bad and cringe away from it. But in actuality, it’s not. The best way to get your business out there and seen is to hire the right SEO agency, create the right SEO plan, and watch your web traffic grow.

Since people think SEO is scary so many don’t know what it really is. It’s marketing GOLD. It’s a science that works with the rules that Google sets out and makes your site scream “I’m important.” This makes Google pay attention and move your site higher and higher on the search results list. Since most people don’t look past the first 3-4 listings in the search results, let alone past the first page. And that #1 spot is the ultimate goal.

The right company is important because yes, SEO can become a nightmare. It can actually drive people away rather than bring them to your site. It can even get your site taken down by Google if they do the wrong things. So research your SEO company choice well to make sure they aren’t just making empty promises.

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Why Work With Us

With 20 years of experience in SEO, Web Design & Development, Dogpaw Studio have been making companies shine and increase their web traffic. Our team of specialists will work with you to create the most effective SEO campaign for you. And luckily one of our specialties is Local SEO services. This means that since we are a Portland SEO company, we know the area and we know what works for local businesses.

We make sure our clients know what we are doing every step of the way. There are no hidden fees or fine print. We make sure there is a full understanding of what we are doing and what the client can expect to happen. And if anything changes we are the first to notify our client and discuss what the changes may mean for them. We are open, honest, and transparent about our process so that you can rest easy. We want you to know that you are in the best hands possible when it comes to having an amazing SEO consultant that has your best interests in mind. Our work speaks for itself but we had some clients that wanted to say a little something as well.

Happy Client

“I have seen a significant increase in new client inquiries and have expanded from 1 to 3 offices.”

Search Engine Optimization Solutions

We like being upfront about things and our services are no different. Here is our process for getting your website higher rankings.

Keyword Research

We will do our due diligence and research what keywords are ranking highest for your industry. Then we will use those target keywords to bring your website to the top.

Local SEO

Everyone has seen those three local businesses pull up in the map packs when they do a search. Our local SEO will help you make it to the map pack and will hyper-focus on your local area marketing.

On-Page SEO

Sometimes your website will need tweaking to make sure it fits all of Google guidelines for SEO. We go in and make all the changes to the content to make sure your website will get an A+ from Google.

Off-Page SEO

There are way more steps to SEO than just what can be done on your website. We know all the little tips and tricks like good backlinks and optimizing your Google My Business listings. This all gets the right attention from Google and moves you up the search engine results list.

Competitive Analysis

The best way to make sure your website is getting the attention it deserves is to see what your competition is doing. We research the top companies in your area and industry to see what they are doing that is working. Then we work to create the most successful SEO plan we can to boost your rankings.

Targeted Content

Everyone has a target audience. We work with you to determine what your target demographic is and then create marketing messages designed to attract their attention. We also adjust your website content to really grab them and help guide them in making that final purchase decision.

Grow your small business with SEO

We start with a quick get-to-know-you call where we can hear you out...understand your goals and wishes.

If your business and project are a good match, we will then schedule a strategy call where we will provide you with a concrete roadmap for success.