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We have high expectations of getting results with the websites we build.

Great website design can transform your online presence and help you to stand out from the crowd. At Dogpaw Studio, we specialize in working with non-profits, and purpose-driven businesses that promote, encourage, and make social change in Tacoma, WA. We achieve this by designing stylish, functional, and impactful websites that generate results. Our comprehensive and thorough approach ensures that we capture the essence of your brand and purpose, then convey that online with a high-converting website.

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Have Heart

Building, managing and marketing your website will be hard work. You must have heart and passion to make your project important.

Have Concrete Goals

Growing your organization or business will be an awesome journey and you’ll need clear goals to get you there.

Have A Solid Budget

We go all out to get you quality returns on your investment. You will need to prioritize your web design project and treat the budget as an investment in your growth.

Website Design with a Difference

Your website is your business's most significant online asset. Our custom WordPress websites are fully responsive, secure, and designed to perform. Here’s why a Dogpaw Studio website stands out and gets results for our clients in Tacoma, WA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is web design?

Web design is the process of designing and developing a website for your business or organization. The design aspect involves creating a structure, design, and content for the site. The development includes numerous technical tasks that enable your site to look great and function well online. Our team has designers and developers that specialize and excel in their focus area.


Should I hire a web designer?

A web designer can help you to create an impressive online presence. Often, we see businesses attempt to make their own websites. Unfortunately, if the result is unprofessional, this could result in the opposite of the desired effect. Your customers may view your brand as unprofessional and choose to work with a competitor. It is incredibly important how you portray your business online. Hiring a website designer can help ensure you generate great results and showcase your brand in the right way.


What do I need to know before hiring a web designer?

The most important thing to know before engaging a website designer is your purpose for being online. Are you trying to create brand awareness? Are you trying to sell more? Are you trying to gather donations? Are you trying to build brand trust? Maybe your goals incorporate a few of these? Hiring a website designer is a collaborative process. You should be ready to share everything about what you do and why you do it. You should also give honest and measured feedback to help the project progress.


How does hiring a web designer work?

Hiring a web designer typically includes a few stages. The first is planning and strategy; this involves understanding the purpose of the website and identifying the goals for your organization. We’ll strategize the best structure, set-up, and messaging to maximize the impact of your site. Next, the design phase involves creating a prototype of your website. We’ll design each page with design elements and content. Development involves turning the design into a functional website; many technical elements must be accomplished during this phase. Finally, the website goes live, and your customers can interact with it!


What Industries do you work with?

We work with companies that make a difference. If you’re in the healthcare or not-profit industry, no matter which niche, we’d love to learn more about your company and discuss how we could help.


How long does it take to build a website?

The length of a website build varies depending on your unique project specifications. A typical website project takes 6-8 weeks.