Add A “Summary” On Nonprofit Websites To Wrap Things Up

All the work that you have done on your website leads to the ultimate goal of conversion. You need your website’s visitors to take your call-to-action and get involved. By seamlessly combining everything that you have created thus far, such as your calls to action, headers, and testimonials, you will craft your non-profit homepage with a section called The Summary.

When you combine all of your expert content to create the summary page, you are giving yourself another opportunity to engage your visitors and convince them to convert. At the end of your summary page, you will include another, visitor-focused call-to-action that creates passion, buy-in, and the desire to take action on what you are offering.

The first step in crafting your summary is making sure that your call-to-action is directed at your audience, allowing them to be the hero. Do this by vocalizing what they can do to make a difference and what action they can take. Ensure that your visitor is the main character in the picture you’re painting while your organization is their assistant, their guide. Doing so engages your audience and makes them excited to take action.

Your page will also need to include a paragraph that tells them why they should take action. To create this element, you’ll share the problem that your organization is seeking to solve or assist, writing out a beginning to end success story that demonstrates how they can help, with your work to guide them.

Once they understand why they need to take action, they will need to be personally compelled to do so. Reach your audience and compel them with a call-to-action button that stands out and is appealing to your audience. Instead of a generic “Donate Here,” or “Click Here,” you can include words on your button that once again make your message hit home. For instance, “Save a Kids’ Life, Donate Today,” provokes emotions and gets straight to the point. Your visitors will know exactly why they are taking action and will feel compelled to do so.

Take the same route for any call-to-action that you are asking your audience to take. If you are looking for volunteers, your button might read, “Help Kids, Volunteer Today.” Whatever your call-to-action is, you can remove generic wording and reach the heart of your visitors by reminding them of what they can do, why, and how.

This non-profit homepage is essential for getting your visitors to take action. The mission of any organization can only be accomplished through donations, volunteers, and supporters. Take the time to create content showing your audience that they are the main character, what the problem is, what needs to be done, and how they can step up and be a part of the solution.

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