Video Testimonial – Jill Groves – Golden Bond Rescue

Golden bond rescue

Prefer to read? We’ve transferred Jill’s testimonial into a blog. Read below to get a full rundown of how Dogpaw Studio helped a nonprofit increase visibility and revenue so that they can rescue more dogs in need. The Testimonial Transcript: Jill Groves – Golden Bond Rescue Hi, my name is Jill groves. I’m president of…

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Testimonial – Cyndy Hillier, Tualatin Together

Cyndy Hillier

Transcript of Video Testimonial Hello, I’m Cindy Hillier. I’m the Executive Director of Tualatin Together. We are a grassroots community-based organization that focuses on healthy outcomes for youth and families in our community. Some helpful times that really helped us focus on our website that we appreciate were really what is our key message, where…

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