Creating a High-Value Proposition

Continuing our journey to make the most of your nonprofit website in order to attract more donors, more volunteers, and serve more people, let’s talk about making sure your website has a clear plan. Remember, you as a nonprofit are the guide that provides a plan to the main character of the story, who is the person visiting your website.

We often see general statements such as “support us.” These kinds of statements are extremely generic, un-motivating, and therefore, ineffective.

In order to turn that vague statement into something that will motivate users to join your cause, pick a statement and clearly state how this nonprofit helps youth, step-by-step and lay it out clearly in step one, step two, and step three.

The first part of tweaking and elevating the statement is by adding a header that is way better than just a random, generic statement that says something bland like “support us.” Let’s make our statement impactful. “How do I get help for my child in crisis?” This statement speaks to parents, particularly if they are worried that their child may be in crisis. Once they read that, they know they have come to the right place. They understand that this is the place to come to find out how your nonprofit actually helps youth and they will have a clear path to joining your cause.

Step one is the assessment. “We work with you to design a life transformation plan specific to your child.”

Step two is the transformation. You want to implement your own custom transformation plan in this section. “After working with the Youth Assistance Foundation, your child will be living a healthy, drug-free life.” A concise but powerful statement that details the transformation and ends with a happy ending! This way you are showing impact and some motivation to the parent about what lies ahead for their child if they choose your program: a happy ending.

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