Creating an Impactful “Why Us” Section

In this blog post, we will go over how your nonprofit’s website can be optimized to engage users and in turn, get more donors for your organization and be able to serve more people.

Value proposition: Think of the value proposition as the “why us.” This section needs to convey why a user should donate their dollars and time to your organization over the many other nonprofits that are out there.

If your header is bland and generic, you aren’t going to stand out and you aren’t going to compel people to choose you. You want a catchy header that gives the people a reason to join your mission. Instead of a bland header that says something like “We have been serving since 1974,” put something more catchy that will engage the audience. For example “Too many youths lead unhealthy lives and struggle to reach their full potential.” A header like that shows a problem, a struggle. It also compels the user to join the fight against the problem.

Instead of generic numbers or statistics on your home page, share compelling stories. Instead of the number, share the impact, for example: “Volunteers living more enriched lives, schools are using your framework and more youth are living a healthy lifestyle.”

Now you need a call-to-action to encourage your website visitors to do something. The call-to-action needs to grab attention, for example: “Ready to join us on this epic journey?  We can show you the way.” That hyperlink should go to a donation page or somewhere they can sign up to volunteer, somewhere where they can take action.

When designing an impactful value proposition or “why us” for your nonprofit’s website, remember, you want to address the problem or pain point. Next, provide numbers to show proof of your accomplishments in the most engaging way possible and then end with a call-to-action so they can take action immediately.

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