Cyndy Hillier

Testimonial – Cyndy Hillier, Tualatin Together

Transcript of Video Testimonial

Hello, I'm Cindy Hillier. I'm the Executive Director of Tualatin Together. We are a grassroots community-based organization that focuses on healthy outcomes for youth and families in our community.

Some helpful times that really helped us focus on our website that we appreciate were really what is our key message, where does it go? It helped us really then rethink what is gonna be on our website. You know, we see a lot of other websites that are doing community-wide prevention work for underage drinking alcohol and marijuana use, that sort of thing. But what could we do to make it unique to our community, to our issues, to our colors, to our, you know, from everything from colors to the messaging that can, you know, is appropriate for our community? So we really appreciated the time and energy that went into helping us think through that and the steps that were so methodical to help us get to where we are.

And we have more to go, but we're in a lot better place to tell our story right now. The three key struggles, that, Dogpaw helped us navigate the Struggle, the Solution, and the Success that our organization, brings to our community really made a huge difference in, again, how we think about our organization, how we, lay ourselves out to the community, both in, in our, offering of programming and in how our website, is laid out and the information that we share. Working with Chijo was a great experience. We, became friends in the process, as we shared about, you know, kind of the hard times that the pandemic brought to us all. And it led us to great conversations, as he really gave his personal input on what would I like to see on a website if I were going to your website as a parent who is trying to help kids navigate through these times.

I appreciated him being willing to put his skin in the game, if you will, and give some instant feedback about the things, that we were trying to roll out. I would say if you're on the fence considering hiring Chijo and his team, you can rest assured that you'll know that you have a team of people who are quick to respond. Quick to ask questions when they think maybe that is that kind of the rabbit hole that you might be going down and think is really gonna work best for your organization. It's important I think, to have someone in an organization who will challenge your thought about that because you're not hiring them because they do exactly what you do. They, you are hiring them because they are experts in the field they work in. And so being willing, to participate in that give and take will be, will benefit you personally and your organization.