Using Testimonials on Nonprofit Websites to Show Authority

In order to make your nonprofit website stand out from the crowd, you need to show authority. Testimonials are a great way to show authority on your nonprofit website. You don’t want your testimonial to be a generic, “me statement.” For example, a statement that reads “we offer children, youth and families the tools and resources they need to realize their fullest potential,” is a bland, “me statement.” Instead, you should aim for success stories of the people that have actually had their lives transformed after working with your organization. A title like “success stories” is concise and gets the point across while still being impactful and standing out and letting your website visitors know that by choosing you there is some real change that will take place in their lives.

Take this testimonial as an example of what you should do: “I love going to school again. I felt like an outsider at school.” So there we see the problem. The statement goes on, “I didn’t have any friends. YAF welcomed me with open arms.” That’s the process followed by “Now school is my favorite place,” the happy ending.

Another strong example of a “success story” testimonial is something like “I’m proud to be a volunteer. I have been searching for purpose in my life for many years.” There’s the challenge, now let’s take a look at the planning part of the testimonial. “YAF gave me the structure to easily volunteer and now my life has a purpose.” Boom, there’s the success story!

Let’s go over another example of a powerful success story. “I love giving back, I’ve been able to live a privileged life. You have provided me the perfect opportunity to give back part of my paycheck.” There we see the situation that she was trying to resolve by giving back. “So now I go to sleep feeling honored. I love giving back.”

In order to create the most powerful and motivating authority on your website, use a success story or success stories. In our example, we provided a few different testimonials: one from a youth who was saved by the nonprofit, a testimonial from a volunteer who is now proud and has a purpose in their life, and a donor who goes to sleep at night feeling honored for giving a part of her paycheck back.

Implement these tips to create a powerful testimonial in order to attract more donors, volunteers, and serve more people with your nonprofit organization.

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