Purposeful Conversation – Alexa Stuart

Purposeful conversation - Alexa Stuart

Dogpaw Studio founder, Chijo Takeda, started the Purposeful Conversation Series with the goal of speaking to nonprofit leaders about their goals, passions, and roadblocks in carrying out their purposeful missions. He hopes to give back to the nonprofit community with insights and resources to help them elevate their organizations based on the knowledge gained. Here…

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What’s your favorite food?

What's your favorite food

I’ve been scheduling a ton of Zoom conversations lately and to make it easier for people to book a call with me I use Calendly. Calendly allows me to add custom questions when people book a call with me. As an ice-breaker I added a question asking, “What are you top 3 favorite foods?” I…

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What Makes People Donate To Non-Profits Online?

What makes people donate to non-profits online?

When it comes to donating to non-profit organizations, people can be very generous. In fact, online donations account for a large percentage of donations made to nonprofit organizations. So, what makes people donate to non-profits online? To answer this question, we take a look at some of the factors that contribute to people’s decisions to…

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