The Best Words To Use To Increase Donations Online

Best words to use to increase donations online

You’ve heard it before: your donors want to know how their money is being used. They want to see tangible results from their contributions, and they want to feel like the money they give makes a difference. This is why fundraising campaigns that use clear messaging, emotional appeals and personal stories resonate with donors so…

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How To Take The Best Photos For Your Brand

How to take the best photos for your brand

Good photography is essential for a brand’s online presence. Photos will draw people into your content, and they’re also the first impressions of your company that consumers see. To make sure you always have great photos to share with the world, follow these simple tips for taking excellent shots. In this blog, you’ll learn four…

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Be Yoda Not Luke Skywalker

You need more customers. Turn your website into a customer catching machine using this system. Dogpaw Studio are a Portland web design company for nonprofits, healthcare & mission-drive businesses. We also offer SEO and website care plans. Get in touch with us today!

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